Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A pre-update post

Hi all, Tanya here. Though I haven't yet received an official update from the man himself, I thought I'd at least take this opportunity to offer my own insight into Stephen's journey(s). As a writer, my talent is definitely meager compared to that of my dear husband. However, I will do my best to inform and entertain as best as I can.

Stephen's cycling and I have had a somewhat tumultuous relationship. I've always been a runner and was somewhat disappointed that Stephen could never join me. Instead, cycling became an incredible physical outlet for him. When he became (and this has not changed) overwhelmed, he could get on a bike and return renewed and refreshed. I was happy to see the effect that this exercise had on him, both physically and mentally.

Then he started doing much longer rides. He'd be gone for hours and even entire days. Sometimes he would come home frustrated or so exhausted that he didn't want to talk. I began to rethink my admiration of the power of cycling. I felt as though it was becoming counterproductive in some ways and was definitely impacting our relationship.

Over the past month or two, that has slowly changed. As we began to make our transition away from Colorado in preparation for our move to DC, I appreciated the time that he had to spend with his friends and with Colorado itself. It also seemed to help to calm him in a way that was necessary in light of the tremendous stress we were both feeling.

Now, I'm back to understanding the love between man and bike. There is something inherent in the activity as whole that ignites a certain passion in this man that I love so much. It is not just turning the pedals or racking up miles for him, he love the mechanics of it, the freedom it offers and the adventures that unfold while in the saddle. This ride is a culmination of months not only of riding but of memories and friends, scenery and satisfaction. It is a manifestation of commitment and comfort for Stephen and I am proud of what he's doing and where he's going.


Tim Foon Feldman said...

You are too modest about your writing skills. You are both incredibly open which makes for compelling reading.
I put additional comments in an entry on the Last Chance blog,

Kelly Prendergast said...

Hi Tanya,
Your blog entry was very well written and hit home for me in many ways. As a fellow "bike widow" I have shared many of the same emotions. There are times I am even envious of Mike's passion and commitment to his cycling. Anyway, really enjoyed your post and I hope you continue as a guest contributor on a regular basis.

mike prendergast said...

hey Tanya, great post.

Michelle said...

Stephen, I think she loves you. You should definitely stick it out with T. We should all be so lucky as to have our beloveds understand and support us like she does for you. But that's not all, she managed to write about her journey in a way that is beautiful and only grows my love for both of you, because I know that each of you "eggs the other on" in this great game of life and love.
Thanks so much, Tanya. You're a gift.

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