Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Following the Last Chance

The bags are packed, the chain is lubed, the chamois cream has been applied. All that's left is to ride!

If you're interested, you can follow my progress and that of the other 38 foolish souls riding this year's Last Chance in a number of different places:

First off, my ever-supportive wife Tanya will be updating One Wheel... a couple of times a day, so check back here!

The Rocky Mountain Cycling Club will have two pages being updated by the ever-faithful Foon Feldman, a spreadsheet charting arrival and departure times at major checkpoints and the Last Chance blog.

Finally, the apparently ever-looking-for-more-to-do Paul Rozelle will be tweeting the Last Chance -- no word on whether he'll be texting while riding or not. You can follow his tweets here.

Feel free to post questions here if you like -- Tanya will do her best to answer them, though I can't promise I'll be cogent enough to provide her good information.

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Kelly Prendergast said...

Go Stephen Go!

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