Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Welcome to One Wheel in Front of the Other

Hi all,

Thank you for visiting my blog. I’ve never done this before, so please forgive me if I begin poorly – hopefully that won’t last. From reading other blogs, I think I’m supposed to start out by saying something about myself or the blog. Truthfully, I’m not quite sure what is to come. I plan on talking some about bikes and riding them. I’ll also try to convey something of my experience living with bipolar disorder. Perhaps I’ll discuss art or politics a little, but that might get boring pretty quickly. In any case, I hope there ends up being something here for each of you, something that makes the reading interesting or at least occasionally worthwhile.

So, with out further ado…


Anonymous said...

Beautiful typeface. I'm sure the content will live up to it.
Mary Orazem

kelly said...

Hey Stephen,
Thanks for introducing me to your blog. I can see already that it will be a must read. You really do have a gift with words. Glad you are sharing with all of us.
Kelly P.

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